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The new Bauer AG5NT stick is taking technology and construction to the next level. The AG5NT is the lightest stick in the history of hockey, coming in at 335g. Bauer also created the quickest release that Bauer has ever had.

  • Monocomp one-piece construction.
  • DuraFlex Resin throughout the shaft to help increase impact resistance.
  • Low-Kick Stick for quick releases.
  • Boron Fiber Technology is being used throughout the backside of the stick to increase strength and decrease weight.
  • AG5NT Blade Core technology in the blade for added durability and pop.
  • Optimized Carbon Fiber layering in the shaft.
  • XE Taper Technology for improved stability

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a new stick. When thinking about your on-ice performance, it is important to place a focus on kick point. Finding the right kick point will help take your shot to the next level and have a positive impact on your game. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, visit your local Pure Hockey for an accurate assessment.

Bauer enhances the AG5NT stick by taking what makes the Vapor line so successful and adding some incredible features and technologies for the lightest stick ever brought to market. The AG5NT is comprised of a low-kick point, built for players who take quick-motion shots, mostly shoot close to the net, and prefer release speed over power.

The biggest upgrade in this stick is the use of the element Boron. This material has never been used in a hockey stick before. What makes boron so unique for a hockey stick is that it has two times the compression strength and two times the stiffness compared to the best carbon fiber in the world.

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